We turn your Google Docs into a platform for teamwork and easy access.

Definition of wiki

"A website that allows collaborative editing of its content and structure by its users."

How to make a wiki in 4 steps

  1. Have a source of content - your Google Docs
  2. Sign up for an account - start for free
  3. Connect your Google Drive
  4. Start editing your Google Drive like it's a wiki

Who creates You Need A Wiki?

Grant Kiely

Grant Kiely

Founder + Product designer

Sydney, Australia

Hey 👋 I'm Grant, the founder of You Need A Wiki.

I created You Need A Wiki when I was working for a startup and I found that using Google Docs was not ideal in a team environment.

You need a wiki is here to solve that.

My goal is to take the pain out of documentation for teams across all different organizations.

It takes all the best parts of Google Docs (Editing, formatting, versioning), sprinkles some wiki functionality on top, and creates something that you and your team will hopefully want to use and be compelled to contribute to.

I'm in this for the long term, if you have feature suggestions you can submit them here: https://feedback.youneedawiki.com

I have a wonderful support team that helps with customer inquiries and I work on developing the product.

I'm continually working to make You Need A Wiki better for you.

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